5 Tips to Use ChatGPT for Content Writing – Blog Posts

Alright, let’s accept this. Most successful professional content writers in the world are using ChatGPT for content writing. Be it researching information or writing creative ad slogans, conversational AI technology is at the forefront. Sometimes it can be more creative than human beings. As a result, content writers think of it as a threat to […]

What Is SEO Content Writing? How Can You Become an SEO Writer?

When it comes to the SEO departments, content is king. However, this doesn’t mean that just any type of content can do good for SEO. SEO writing is a very specific niche that requires a significant level of understanding in terms of keywords and SEO optimization. It honestly requires a mastery of keyword research, copywriting, […]

4 Content Marketing Team Roles – Writer, Editor, Strategist, and Marketer

Content marketing is the buzziest marketing technique right now and will only continue to grow; for a good reason, too. Content marketing works – especially when it comes to B2B businesses.  According to a study by Convince and Convert, organizations that take a content-driven approach see a 41% increase in leads and a 16% increase […]

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