AI Writing Tools: Top 5 AI Assistants for Content Writers

AI Writing tools

We all have heard about the rise of ChatGPT. When it comes to content writing, this tool can be very handy, especially in terms of content research.

With ChatGPT, writers find it super easy to understand the target audience and know the queries they might have. But, of course, producing the entire content via ChatGPT will do no good to you unless you want only robots to read your content.

For instance, ChatGPT itself has highlighted its limitations👇

AI tools for content writing
Source: ChatGPT

This means AI writing tools like ChatGPT can assist content writers but not replace them.

I’ve done a test on the same recently. Here is the link: Can AI Article Writers Replace Human Writers?


This doesn’t mean AI writing tools are of no use to content writers.

In fact, if you have to do content research manually, writing content can be incredibly daunting and time-consuming. It is because, with growing competition, content writers are required to produce well-researched content that answers almost all the questions target readers have.

Therefore, you can use tools like ChatGPT for content writing tasks like research, paraphrasing, writing examples, etc.

In fact, many content writers have started calling themselves content writing prompt engineers.

And if ChatGPT cannot address your requirements, there are other AI writing tools out there. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 6 content writing assistants and how they can help you become a better content writer.

So let’s get started and explore the top 5 AI writing tools that can help you create content with ease!

Top 5 AI Writing Tools

  1. WriteSonic
  3. QuillBot
  5. Article Forge

Let’s explore the top 5 AI writing tools that can help you create content with ease!

1. WriteSonic

Writesonic - Best AI tool for content writing
Source: WriteSonic

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing tool that offers a range of features designed to assist content writers in creating high-quality content more efficiently. The platform helps users generate content, optimize existing content, and assist with research, social media posts, and ad copy. You can even use it for SEO content writing.

Some of the key features of WriteSonic include:

  • Content generation: The platform allows users to generate written content by providing prompts and suggestions. Users can specify the tone, style, and structure of the content they need, and WriteSonic will generate content that meets those specifications.
  • Content optimization: WriteSonic can help optimize existing content by suggesting structure, tone, and readability improvements. Writers can also use the platform to generate different variations of existing content to test what works best.
  • Research assistance: WriteSonic offers tools to help users research topics and find relevant information to include in their content. This can save content writers a significant amount of time and make the research process more efficient.
  • Social media and ad copy: The platform can help users create compelling ad copy and social media posts optimized for specific platforms. Users can also generate different variations of ad copy or social media posts to test which performs best.
  • Language translation: WriteSonic can translate text from one language to another, making it easier for users to create content in multiple languages.

Verdict: WriteSonic is an awesome AI writing tool that is easy to use. Generating copy with WriteSonic is a breeze – simply select the copy type, provide the necessary guidelines, and click the “Generate” button.

Additionally, I appreciate that WriteSonic presents the generated copy in a designed format. For instance, if you request a Facebook Ad, the platform will present the copy in a design that resembles a Facebook Ad. This feature makes it easier to visualize your copy in its intended environment, which can make a difference emotionally.

2. - AI tool for copywriting
Source: is an AI-powered tool that provides a range of features to help content writers generate high-quality marketing copies and content. The platform uses advanced NLP algorithms to analyze user input and generate unique, high-quality content for various marketing purposes, such as ads, product descriptions, blog posts, social media content, and more.

Some of the critical features of include:

  • Language model: uses a state-of-the-art language model to generate content for various purposes, including headlines, taglines, and descriptions. It can also create entire pieces of content, such as blog posts, using its sophisticated algorithms.
  • Templates: provides a range of templates for various purposes, such as social media, e-commerce, email marketing, and more. These templates help content writers create content quickly and easily by providing pre-built structures and formats for their copy.
  • Content editor: includes a content editor allowing writers to edit and customize the AI-generated content easily. The editor enables writers to fine-tune their content’s language, tone, and style to ensure that it meets their specific requirements.
  • Keyword suggestions: provides keyword suggestions to help content marketers and writers optimize their content for search engines. The platform analyzes the content and suggests relevant keywords and phrases to help writers improve their content’s search engine rankings.

Verdict: The speed at which copy and content can be generated using is truly remarkable. However, it’s essential to use this technology more as an assistant for longer writing pieces and to limit it to a paragraph or two at a time.

3. QuillBot

QuilBot - AI tool for content writing
Source: QuilBot

QuillBot is an AI-based writing tool that can help content writers paraphrase, summarize, and rewrite text quickly and accurately. It uses machine learning to analyze the original text and generate new content that is free from plagiarism and grammar errors.

Some of the key features that QuillBot offers for content writers include:

  • Paraphrasing: QuillBot can quickly reword sentences or entire paragraphs while retaining the original meaning. This feature can be especially useful for writers who want to avoid plagiarism or improve the readability of their content.
  • Summarizing: QuillBot can also generate summaries of longer texts, making it easier for writers to get an overview of a topic without having to read through a lengthy article or document.
  • Synonym suggestions: When users type in a word, QuillBot provides a list of synonyms that can help them vary their vocabulary and avoid repetitive language.
  • Translation: QuillBot can translate text into several different languages, making it a helpful tool for writers who work with multilingual content.
  • Grammar checking: QuillBot can detect grammar errors and suggest corrections, helping writers to improve the quality of their writing and avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  • Tone adjustments: QuillBot can adjust the tone of the content based on the desired audience.

Verdict: QuillBot is the most effective tool for paraphrasing. It provides multiple options for rewording paragraphs, producing natural and precise results. Moreover, the Premium version offers additional features, such as summarization and grammar and plagiarism checking. The co-writer tool is also a useful feature for team collaboration on documents in real-time.

4. - AI software for content writing
Source:, formally known as, is an AI-powered writing platform that provides a range of features designed to assist content writers and marketers in creating high-quality content quickly and efficiently. The platform uses advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms to generate content, optimize existing content, and assist with research, social media posts, and ad copy.

Some of the key features of include:

  • Content generation: The platform allows users to quickly generate written content by providing prompts and suggestions based on user inputs.
  • Content optimization: can help optimize existing content by suggesting improvements to structure, tone, and readability.
  • Research assistance: The platform offers tools to help users research topics and find relevant information to include in their content.
  • Language translation: can translate text from one language to another, which make it easier for writers to create content in multiple languages.
  • Social media and ad copy: The platform can help users create effective ad copy and social media posts that are optimized for specific platforms.

Verdict: Jasper has a standout feature called the “One-Shot Blog” template. It can generate a high-quality 500-word blog in under a minute based solely on a title. For instance, the platform’s long-form templates are equally impressive, as you can produce three ebooks ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 words each in less than four hours using the long-form template. All you have to do is ask Jasper to provide a list of questions for each topic, and the platform will produce well-written responses that you can incorporate into the ebooks.

5. Article Forge

AI content writing tool
Source: Article Forge

Trust me! It’s not like what it sounds [forge].

It’s a useful tool for beginner-level content writers.

Article Forge provides an effortless way to create articles. Simply enter a keyword, and the tool generates a unique article for you. If you require multiple articles, the bulk creator enables you to generate many articles for a list of keywords, which you can then publish directly to your WordPress website.

The text quality produced by Article Forge is excellent, particularly in terms of English language proficiency. The articles are coherent and flow naturally, conveying a complete and comprehensible message rather than just disparate sentences or paragraphs.

The following are the key features of Article Forge:

  • Automated content creation: With Article Forge, content writers can generate unique articles on any topic with just a few clicks.
  • Multi-lingual content creation: The tool can generate content in multiple languages, making it an ideal choice for businesses targeting different global markets.
  • Content customization: The tool allows content writers to customize their articles by setting specific keywords, adding images, and even including custom headers and footers.
  • SEO optimization: Article Forge creates optimized content for search engines, helping businesses rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Plagiarism detection: The tool uses advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism and ensure that the generated content is 100% unique.
  • Integrations: Article Forge can be integrated with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Shopify.

Verdict: Article Forge is a decent tool for content writers seeking to boost their productivity and overcome writer’s block. Although the generated content is not entirely flawless, the platform is remarkably user-friendly and generates first drafts quickly, which can be refined and improved by an editor.

Bottom Line

While AI-powered writing tools can assist content writers in various ways, you should know that they are not meant to replace human writers. These tools are designed to support writers, help them save time and effort, and provide new ideas and perspectives to write TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content.

However, AI lacks the ability to accurately comprehend human emotions, creativity, and context. They cannot replicate the unique voice, style, and tone that human writers bring to their work.

Additionally, human writers possess critical thinking skills and expertise that allow them to craft content that is tailored to a specific audience and goals.

Therefore, while AI-writing tools can be useful, it is important to recognize their limitations and understand that they are best used in conjunction with human writers rather than as a substitute for them.

Well, that’s all I wanted to point.

Peace ✌️

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AI Writing Tools: Top 5 AI Assistants for Content Writers

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