What is DeFi?- A Beginner’s Guide

DeFi – short for “Decentralized Finance” – is a blockchain-driven alternative to traditional financial services. In the world of DeFi, financial products, such as loans and investments, are delivered exclusively through decentralized digital assets and smart contracts that are open source, accessible and transparent. As of January 2023, more than 6.5 million people worldwide are […]

Yes, Designing FinTech Applications Is Quite Challenging!

Designers must think of UX as a challenge, not an obstacle. The following four tips will help designers craft a compelling UX for FinTech apps. It is true that most user experience (UX) designers don’t find it exciting to study federal banking regulations or account for the complex bureaucracy that is crucial for FinTech application […]

Top 6 E-Wallet Technology Trends to Look for in 2020

Since the beginning, the payment models have undergone a tremendous transformation from the barter system to cryptocurrencies. In the modern era, money exists in both digital and physical form. The Former is getting more prominent as the technology is making digital money safer, more accessible, and convenient via e-wallets. Here are the top e-wallet technology […]

The Upsurge Of FinTech And FinTech Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Businesses across the globe faced revenue fall and negative customer retention during the pandemic. However, industries such as banking and finance which have adopted technology beforehand and were unintentionally ready for the pandemic saw an upward trend in their revenues. Several FinTech use cases including, contactless payments, online stock trading, and digital banking saw an […]

4 Business Models of P2P Mobile Payments and Success Factors

The increasing penetration of smartphones across the world, combined with the high-speed & reliable internet connectivity that is now available, has made it possible for financial service providers to enable payments via mobile devices. The mobile payment apps are here to create a world where the cashless economy shines. E-wallet apps available in current times […]

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