Here is How Content Writers Can Improve Content Research



inposttitle:how to rank on google

If you are performing blog research, this operator is useful for finding blogs with certain search terms in the blog title.



allinurl:start your own blog

This one allows you to find pages with your requested search terms within the URL in internal search pages.


“search term 1”

Using quotes around the phrases you are searching for will help you find results that are exact match results, rather than the broad results you will get with standard search.

Quotes (“word”)


“content marketing”

The minus sign is an exclusion symbol. This command excludes words that you don’t want to appear in the search results. If, for some reason, you wanted to find pages with the word “content marketing,” but not pages from containing that phrase, you would type the above search operator.

Exclude Words: (-)



You can use a plus sign to add words that you want to be included in the search results.

Add words: (+)


“Top * search operators”

Use an asterisk as a wildcard to represent a space that could be filled by anything.

Wildcard: (*)

#7 SEO

If you need more specific results from a single website, this command brings those results up. For example, if you wanted to search SEO topics on my website, you would use the shown operator.


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