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“My goal is not to just get you ranked on Google; I believe in catering to your business goals – SALES.”

The Dark Side of SEO Companies

Certainly, you’ve had a bad experience working with SEO agencies because of their immature attitude and lack of proficiency.

It is hard to identify whether the SEO consultant will be able to provide output to your business or not.

All SEO agencies call themselves “experts,” but most of them are “Con Artists,” making SEO a scam. This mentality towards SEO is triggered because most businesses have a bad experience with SEO companies.

This might have happened to all such businesses… (If this is what happened to you, give me a chance to come up with a full-proof SEO strategy for your business.)

Probably, This is What Has Happened With You in the Past

You made a query on google maybe regarding the best SEO companies in the USA and landed on an agency website claiming the “best” or “#1” SEO agency in the USA.

You got in touch with them via filling out their contact us form or just calling them, and someone from their side convinced you to go with them by making fancy yet fictitious promises stating –

  • Get you ranked on google for a stack of keywords within 1 month. % GUARANTEED!
  • We will escalate your sales and brand image.
  • We are Certified Partners with Google – (as if they play cards with Sergy Brin and Larry Page on weekends).”

You then sign up a contract for a few months with them and wait for your glorious Google Rankings to show up.

For the first month, everything feels all warm and fuzzy, and then it becomes obvious that something isn’t right. They keep sending you shitty reports, keep charging you undefined bucks, and ignore your emails that ask “why my sales aren’t improving.”

3-4 months and hundreds of follow-ups later, the status quo is still the same. No improved rankings, customer inquiries, or sales.

Every time you call them, you get another account manager who says, “ I’ve just handed over your account; I’ll make sure everything is taken care of.”

A year later, you left with a bunch of promises and declined sales. The only inquiries you are getting are from some different “SEO Agency” promising the same.

I guess I just discussed what you’ve been through. If this is you, you are my customer. I’m one of the reliable 1% top SEO consultants you are looking for.

Interested in getting an expert consultant onboard?

Following is the way to our synergies:

1. Phone Call

The first thing I will ask while our chat on the phone is your budget. The reason being –

  • I wanna make sure that you’re aware of the investment required for SEO services.
  • I don’t wanna waste your time pitching for whatever you can pay. SEO does require investment, and nothing comes out of a tiny investment bracket.
  • Furthermore, I will ask you some straightforward questions just so I can get a clear picture of what’s going on with your existing SEO strategy (If you have any) and see if we are a good fit.

I’m being honest to share with you that –

  • I cannot entertain everyone who calls. Why? Obviously, not every business understands the effort and investment required for SEO services, and I don’t wanna waste your as well as my time, making false promises like I can make you successful with a tiny investment.
  • Rather than being a dirty sales pitch, our first call will be just a chat where we’ll discuss what you’re expecting from me and how I can help you achieve success.
  • I might have a cheaper option for you to test our synergies. We can start small and scale it if it works out.
  • We can settle with a low-level site audit for you and create a full-proof strategy.

Book a 5 Min. Call

2. The SEO Strategy Presentation

This is where the fun part begins.

I get to make a fancy presentation for you; show what are your strengths and weakness; what are the opportunities that we can tap into to grow your businesses? I bet you will be amazed to see the analysis I will come up with.

The presentation outline will be similar to the following –

  • A brief about myself and our company
  • Our execution process
  • Some success stories of my clients
  • Objectives of the SEO strategy
  • Your website audit
  • Recommended holistic SEO strategy
  • Investment summary

Again, goes without saying that this presentation is not for you to commit to right away. You can take your time for internal discussions. I don’t mind getting a ‘NO’ (Though it never happens after the presentation).

3. You Sign up for Your First SEO Campaign

I don’t keep you waiting after you sign up. I have an ample amount of resources to jump-start your first campaign. It is the point where I start taking care of your on-site as well as off-site SEO activities. I’m not listing everything we do during our campaign, but the following is a summary of what we’ll be doing –

A. On-Page SEO

  • Set up and configure analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Search Engine Console
  • Implement and test conversion tracking
  • Fix bugs for analytics and search engine console
  • Optimize metadata (Title, Description, Header tags, etc.)
  • Site speed, structure, URL optimization
  • Ensure your site’s mobile-friendliness
  • Site Content and keyword optimization

Then I get really very technical and –

  • Reverse engineer and your competitors
  • Leverage competitor SEO data such as backlinks and keywords
  • Conduct primary keyword research
  • Add new pages to your website
  • Optimize call-to-actions to improve the conversion rate
  • If your website needs to be revamped before we start, I will tell you at the time of the presentation

Everything I do will ensure that you get a lot of customer queries. This is because I consider my work done when you get sales, not when your website just ranks on the first page of google.

Pick your phone and call us at:

B. Off-Page SEO

This is where all the miracles happen. We promote your business on the internet via content marketing and many other techniques. Here are some –

Foundational Link Building

Submission of your website to credible business directories (True Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.)
Listing to Google My Business, Maps, and Bing Places

SEO Link Building

Analyze your competitor’s backlinks
Outreach high-quality press releases and media
Identify and reach credible domains to post articles, infographics, and other types of media items.

SEO Outreach

Reach out to other high authority domains and request backlinks via posting content. This raises your brand awareness and gets referral traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

I take care of content creation for you. Believe me, I have an amazing creative team.
And when I say ‘I’ I am talking about my team.

4. Assessment Meetings at the End of Each Month

I’ll have a meeting over a phone call or on Teams (whatever suits you) at the end of every month. I will show you what my team has done so far and what is planned for the upcoming month. I will answer all your queries during the meeting.

I’ll be transparent and share all the intel with you. After all, you’re paying me for what I do.

Want more sales and traffic?

Call me (on 8003448844) or email me (at to find out how I can help you grow. Don’t hesitate; it’ll just be a healthy discussion – No hard sales pitch. I may also give you free advice.
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